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I believe that people tell stories through attire. Getting dressed in the morning is an art that people perform every day. The pallets of colors, the mixing of prints, even the playing with fits and silhouetttes are just some of the aspects of clothing. I love the feeling someone gets when they put on a Je Suis garment and their face lights up. I design to accentuate curves, make crushes look twice, highlight unforgettable nights with incredible people. My designs are wearable art. As a sales associate at Bebenoir Boutique, I began to look at clothing and people differently. I was granted the opportunity to dress individuals from all walks of life. From senator's wives to the old lady who loves hats. I got to know them. I got to know their bodies, the features they wanted to hide and those they wanted to highlight. They told me about their days, relationships, jobs, and kids. I understood them. They told me about the parties and events they had to attend and I made sure they were always the best dressed. since this experience, I began to design with a more critical eye. My clothes arent just beautiful, they function. theyre comfortable. They move. They are effortlessy stylish. They speak. They're envied.

My West African background has had a huge impact on my creative work. I was born in Benin, West Africa and arrived in the New York at the age of 4. I get a lot of my inspiration from my culture and childhood experiences. Everything from the food, fabrics, language and way of life inspires me. My goal is to represent my country in the most positive light and be able to eventually give back and aid in its development with my business and management skills. 

The fact that I am skilled and interested in so many fields makes me a stronger and well-rounded person. I feel that no field or subject stands alone. Everything in life is interrelated and when you have an understanding of various subjects, you’re able to look at everything with a more critical and distinct eye.  I currently attend the City College of New York where I am double majoring in Business Administration/Management and Public Relations and advertising. I plan to use my degrees to expand my brand, my business and my mind.

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